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Motherhood 101

A class specifically designed for mom

Understand the feelings that you may be experiencing.

How to ask for help. How to put yourself 1st and not feel guilty.

Join Jensine, owner of Baby O and I, sleep specialist, postpartum doula in this 4 week class specifically designed for you. We cover healing from childbirth, how to get organized to make life easier, having tough conversations with family or your partner and more. We cover all the things no one tells you about.

4 weeks 1 hour class, $80 per attendee

"I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I was so excited about having my baby. All of a sudden, I would burst into tears. Others asked me what was wrong, and I didn't know! All I could do was cry."


Upcoming Dates

4 week series

 Check back for dates


What People Are Saying

In early 2020, my husband and I were a waiting adoptive family. Our adoption agency offered a “baby care class” for waiting families but we were unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict. However,  I thought it would be a great idea for us to take a class like this. I started searching online for options, not totally comfortable attending a class at a hospital since I wouldn’t be actually delivering a baby. I found Stork Ready and reached out to Karen and explained our situation. She was so welcoming and said the newborn essentials class would be very appropriate for us. We communicated with her several times leading up to the class. She did give us a heads up that during the class everyone would go around and share their due date etc. but told us we were free to share whatever part of our story we felt comfortable with. 

We absolutely loved the newborn essentials class we took and learned so much from feeding to diapering to bathing a baby. This class is perfect for anyone who plans to parent a newborn, in whatever way they build their family! 

In August 2020 our daughter was born. We took her home from the hospital with only a days notice and were SO thankful for all we had learned from Karen. Still today every time I give my daughter a bath, I think of Karen and what I learned over a year ago! 

Since becoming a mom, Maddy and I have attended virtual sleep support group, mommy cafes both in person and online as well as made such incredible friends. Stork ready has been a true sense of support for us in our journey. Motherhood is hard but it’s MUCH easier with a supportive mom tribe and stork ready has given me that!!! 

-Katie D.

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