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Advanced Comfort Measures

This class is not meant to be taken in place of a Childbirth Class. We do cover comfort measures in our childbirth classes. This class expands on what we teach.

This class is perfect for the woman and her partner that wishes to acquire a natural birth, or a birth with less intervention- In hospital or at home.


This class will help to prepare you and your partner understand how to influence positive endorphins throughout labor. You will learn relaxation techniques to practice at home. 

(Breathing, Music Therapy, Meditation, Massage)


We will practice comfort positions with the birth ball and Rebozo. These techniques can be used for pregnancy as well as labor.


There will also be time to discuss medical interventions Since there are times when despite all efforts a woman simply may need Nitrous oxide, narcotics or an epidural in order to progress in labor.

This class is a 3hr Class

Cost 125.00 (Attendees receive a Comfort Measures Guide Booklet to take home )


Course Topics

  • Hormones produced during labor and how they affect labor

  • Relaxation Methods (Music, Aromatherapy, Breathing techniques & Meditation)

  • Positions in labor

  • Birth Ball

  • Rebozo

  • Peanut Ball

  • Nitrous / Narcotics / Epidural

Upcoming Dates


 Aug 5 Monday 6-9PM

advanced comfort measures childbirth education
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