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jensine casey sleep consultant

Baby O and I

Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’m Jensine Casey, sleep consultant, lover of all things beach related, and mom to two handsome boys and a baby girl! I work with families of children 4 and under who are exhausted and struggling with getting their little ones to sleep for naps or at night. Through sleep consulting, your entire family's life will change. Not to sound dramatic but it’s true. But with so many methods of child rearing and sleep training it is difficult to know what works best for your particular family.


Becoming a sleep consultant became a dream and passion of mine after working with one myself to get my older son sleeping as I saw how life changing it was to sleep through the night and have daily naps I could rely on. I’m devoted to working with families around the world to get their lives back, just as I got mine back! Every day I work with families just like yours to provide a program and support through getting their child to be an amazing sleeper. I am proof that the support works and is trans-formative.


Safe sleep and sweet dreams!

abbey denaro chiropractor

Denaro Chiropractic


After her personal experience with TMJ and headache relief through Chiropractic care, Dr. Denaro was inspired to pursue chiropractic as a career. She has devoted her attention to caring for pregnant women and children. “My favorite part of being a family chiropractor is watching the growth of each family and being able to provide them with nurturing chiropractic care from pre-conception to postpartum and everything in between.” Dr. Denaro’s specialization for pediatrics ranges from newborns to teenagers.  

Pregnancy Chiropractic care is used for comfort measures for women through all stages of pregnancy but also is essential for the growth and development of the baby. Dr. Denaro is certified in the Pregnancy Webster Technique. Utilizing this assessment and adjustment protocol, stress is taken off of the mother’s spine, muscles, and ligaments, allowing optimal room for the baby to develop, grow, and turn. Many women choose Webster Certified Chiropractors to prevent Breech pregnancies and C-sections.

Many parents routinely have their newborn checked by a Chiropractor. Learning to hold up their head, sit without assistance, crawling and walking are all activities that may affect a baby's spinal alignment. These important developmental stages are when a parent will have their child assessed by a Chiropractor.

Dr. Denaro uses different styles of adjusting babies and children to ensure that the adjustments are gentle, safe, and effective.

Denaro Chiropractic provides chiropractic for the entire family including pets.  Dr. Denaro reserves time to adjust dogs, cats, horses and farm animals as well.

Strong Beginnings

Meagan Catricala, LICSW, PMH-C
Therapy and Postpartum Planning

meagan catricala therapy and postpartum planning

Meagan Catricala is an independently licensed social worker who provides therapy for new and expectant moms. She holds a certification in perinatal mental health from Postpartum Support International (PSI). Meagan is a mom of two young children and was inspired through her own challenges during early motherhood to focus her practice on serving new moms. She understands that the transition to motherhood can be exciting, but at the same time can also be difficult. She provides traditional mental health therapy and offers postpartum planning sessions for expectant moms. These sessions are designed to help expectant moms develop a plan to maintain mental and emotional well-being during the early days of motherhood.  She strives to provide psychoeducation and resources to her clients during these sessions, so they are better prepared for the postpartum period. Meagan believes that focusing on mental and emotional wellness is equally important as caring for one’s physical health. Meagan is passionate about helping new and expectant moms prioritize their mental and emotional health as they navigate motherhood. 

Urban Suburban Kids

Samantha Jason Lehman

samantha jason lehman

Samantha is a working mom of two littles (ages 4 and almost 3) and is the founder/creator of Urban Suburban Kids.  After becoming a mom she struggled to find answers to what seemed like basic questions regarding activities and resources that were specific to children in the area. Precious time that no parent has was spent googling “where can i find a stroller friendly trail” or “who offers dance classes for 3 year old” or “what playgrounds are fully fenced in” and “what animals are on this farm.”  Keeping track of the google searches, the facebook comments, and the friend recommendations became overwhelming and out of the chaos UrbanSuburbanKids was born. 


Samantha created a website and an IG account of the same name, with the goal of helping other families find the resources they needed (locally). The resource is free. The content is not sponsored. You won’t be targeted by ads. The site is constantly evolving and when she can find the time new content is added. 

Samantha also shares activities and events via the stories on the IG account for UrbanSuburbanKids. She posts family friendly weekend happenings,, playgrounds worth driving to, custom birthday cakes, and much more. Becoming a parent is hard enough, the goal with UrbanSuburbanKids was to provide a platform where parents and caregivers can find a clear, consolidated reference list that they can continue to refer back to as needed. Samantha is a full-time Realtor in the Boston and North Suburbs, she lives in Wakefield with her husband, two kids and two dogs.

Feast and Fettle 

Meals you love, without the cooking

Feast & Fettle is a fully-prepared local meal service that delivers across the Northeast. Perfect for new parents, busy families, or anyone looking for an easy solution to a nourishing dinnertime, F&F offers flexible plans and weekly-curated menus for every kind of eater.

You’ll find the meals to have a signature homey touch, thanks in large part to the fact that the service was founded not by tech entrepreneurs but a private chef. Working for local families, Maggie Mulvena Pearson noticed the difference her cooking made in the lives of her clients—especially those with kids—and how taking dinner-prep off their to-do lists gave them time to slow down and connect over a meal.

So with the help of her best friend Nikki Nix, Maggie set out to help more families simplify their mealtimes. While today F&F serves thousands, back in 2016 it was a two-woman operation delivering to just eight households. But longtime Members know that the throughline has always been satisfying meals made from real-food ingredients…and a whole lot of time earned back as a result. Now as mothers themselves, juggling evening routines with their own kids, Maggie and Nikki find that the F&F mission resonates on an even deeper level. It was never just about food; it was always about reclaiming precious family moments from the clutches of daily chaos.

Head to to start simplifying your own mealtimes, and use code STORKREADY to take $50 off your first order.

sarah gregory IBCLC lactation consultant breastfeeding support

Sarah Gregory

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
Certified Postpartum Doula

Sarah is the mother of two wonderful girls and an enthusiastic lover-of-babies. As an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), she enthusiastically helps families reach their feeding goals: from breastfed to formula fed to somewhere in between. Her years of experience working with families as a postpartum doula guides her lactation support: she looks at the “whole picture” of the family and the baby. By referring to her extensive training on newborn sleep, infant development, and postpartum recovery, she helps families understand how these aspects are invariably intertwined with nursing and eating patterns.


The postpartum period is challenging but fleeting; she loves working with parents to make adjustments so that feeding is an enjoyable and cherished time. In Sarah’s free time she loves reading, knitting, hula hooping, and being outside with her family. Sarah lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

A Balanced Self

Holistic Counseling & Wellness Practice

Our team of clinicians are trained to help guide and support you no matter where you are at. We provide individual and group counseling, workshops, seminars, virtual learning, guided meditation, a wellness shop, and so much more! 


Our practice heavily focuses on maternal mental health, offering individual and group therapy, in addition to support groups in the community. For more information on how we support mamas, you can visit:

imperfectly ali instagram and tik tok

Imperfectly Ali

Simple Toddler Activities on TikTok/IG

Click Here for 25 Days of Toddler Play, a free e-book full of simple toddler activities designed to help you drink that coffee while it's still warm!


Follow Ali on TikTok or Instagram for Toddler & Little Kid gift ideas, activities, and all the relatable mom content you can ask for. No one is the "perfect" parent, and Ali is leaning into that mentality!

Parent Wellness Group

Group Therapy for Parents

Parent Wellness Group is a group therapy collective specializing in support for parents in each of their unique journeys. We believe that parents deserve quality mental health support before, during, and well beyond the transition to parenthood. We currently offer individual, group, and couples therapy in addition to free resources and special events for parents looking for support. 

Core Redefined LLC

Missy Sullivan

Prenatal Prehab & Postnatal Rehab Trainer 

Diastasis & Core Corrective Exercise Coach

Hi! I am Missy Sullivan, a prenatal prehab and postpartum rehab trainer, as well as a Diastasis Recti & Core Corrective Exercise Coach, and the owner of Core Redefined, LLC. My programs help prenatal &/or postpartum women bring awareness & either connection or re-connection back to their bodies, through strengthening; breathing techniques and corrective exercises. These techniques target your body as a whole, providing knowledge and understanding on how to correctly align your body to make sure you are evenly spreading pressure loads while working out, doing daily activities or playing with the kids.This is not your "typical fitness program"- I will work with you on building a strong foundation, a better connection to your body overall and provide knowledge so you will have a better understanding about reconnecting to your breath, pelvic floor, and deep abdominals to help heal your body from the inside out. The goal of a Core Redefined program is to help you build a strong foundation so you can go back to the activities or fitness programs you love without the fear of your diastasis, leaking urine, experiencing a weak core, aches, pains or any other ailments.   


As a mom of three girls, suffering from both a severe diastasis with incontinence issues myself, I fully understand the frustration and challenges both physically, mentally and emotionally. Core Redefined was created to help educate moms to feel empowered & strong during their pregnancies and into motherhood. Through education, prehab & rehab strategies, you can help restore proper functions and Redefine Your Strong! 

Root to Bloom

Katie Moulison PT, DPT, PCES

Perinatal Pelvic Health Therapy & Yoga

katie moulison perinatal pelvic health yoga root to bloom

Hey there! I’m Katie, a pelvic health physical therapist and yoga instructor specializing in the perinatal period.


There is so much contradictory information and fear-mongering around pregnancy and the postpartum period. I know it can be overwhelming to know how you can safely care for yourself, and your baby.


I pride myself on curating an individualized treatment plan, that centers around your goals and lifestyle; and creating yoga classes that support your body for the very physical job of parenting (hello tight hips and sore back!)


It is my passion and goal to help you stayed rooted through the wild journey that is the pre and postnatal period, so that you can thrive not just survive. 


Whether you are looking for support preparing for labor and delivery, struggling with pain in pregnancy, troubleshooting how to hold your baby without pain, recovering from a c-section, looking to return to exercise, or wondering “is this normal?” when it comes to bowel/bladder/sexual function, I am here for you.

A Mom's Village

A Mom's Village is a small, woman owned business in Peabody, MA with the mission of supporting moms through all phases of motherhood.  We offer group fitness with childcare available for your use.  Though you can drop in for a class any time, our memberships include many perks such as MommyTime (an hour to yourself to do anything from shower in our pristine locker room or run an errand in our plaza...or just sit and regroup on our comfy couches!), drop and go babysitting and more.  Think discounts with local businesses we've partnered with , and hosting birthday parties!  We also have the best children's programming around.  We offer music classes daily, piano lessons for adults or kids, and a drop off preschool prep program that we call PlaySchool for your two and three year olds.  


We also have three special courses for our prenatal or new moms!  Mom and Baby Barre is a class where you bring your tiny ones and have a workout with them.  We'll also be launching Mom and Baby Yoga.  On 2/7 we also begin our Prenatal Yoga session, which runs for 8 weeks.  These are all for members or non-members.


Would love to meet some new moms and introduce them to our village.  This is where you need to come and meet other women who "just get it".  It's the place you didn't know you needed.  Everyone I meet has said, "I wish I knew about this sooner."..and now StorkReady moms do!

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