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stork ready comforting home like enviornment childbirth classes


Get to Know Stork Ready's
Inviting & Home-Like Atmosphere


Giving Moms What They Need

Karen's dream has always been to start her very own business for new and expecting families. A place where they can prepare for one of the most incredible experiences of their life, as well as a place where they can find support, acceptance and friendship after the birth of their babies. 


Here at Stork Ready we don't only offer Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Newborn Essentials and Infant CPR Classes we have added many more classes as well as support groups for the new mother. We are always open to adding new classes and support groups as the need arises. 


Check out reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook to see what so many have to say about their experience. 

Here at Stork Ready we don't only offer Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Newborn Essentials and Infant CPR Classes


217 Main St, North Reading MA 

Stork Ready is located 15 miles north of Boston, just minutes from Route 93. Conveniently located near routes 128 and 495. Our clients come from all of the city major hospitals as well as the community hospitals and birthing centers.  We offer classes from pregnancy and beyond. Many of our clients make new connections and  lasting friendships from joining one or more of our many support groups and baby classes. 

All childbirth classes are small to ensure every person gets the attention they deserve!



Meet Our Team

stork ready owner childbirth instructor karen chipman icea childbirth educator

Karen Chipman


My name is Karen Chipman, owner of Stork Ready. I am the mother of three adult children. (Kurt, Alexander and Sarah)


I have been working in labor and delivery units for over thirty years. I became a certified ICEA childbirth educator for the hospital that I worked in. I learned how very important it is to educate and empower women and their partners for their labor and birth experience. 


My passion is to help women and their families during their pregnancy and first year after birth. I have taught childbirth classes at two of the cities largest teaching hospitals as well as in the community.

Jackie  Giasullo RN,BSN


Hi, I'm Jackie, I have been a labor and delivery nurse for the past 6 years and am now a new mom to my beautiful baby girl, Jane.  Being a mother is my number one passion and second to that is supporting other women through the process.


Before becoming a labor and delivery nurse, I helped care for new moms on the postpartum floor of the hospital and taught infant massage classes there as well. Helping women during this time is something I have always loved to do. Now more than ever, I know how important it is to feel empowered during this time.  I am excited to be a part of Stork Ready and the many useful classes provided to new parents.


In addition to being a new mom and working with expecting parents, I enjoy spending time with my family and staying active.  My husband and I cook often and are always looking for good plant-based recipes! 

jackie labor and delivery nurse childbirth instructor
pelvic floor physical therapy diana singleton reclaim your strength pt

Diana Singleton

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Diana Singleton is a women's pelvic floor physical therapist who is passionate about helping women who are pregnant, postpartum, and beyond get back to exercise, intimacy, and daily activities without pain, bladder leaks, or having to stop activities.

Diana earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University, her BS in Exercise Physiology from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and holds advanced certifications in orthopedics and strength and conditioning.

jacqui, hypnotherapist, childbirth educator, weight management specialist

Jacqui Pilla


Hi, I'm Jacqui Pilla, a certified hypnotherapist, childbirth educator and weight management specialist.

I am the proud mother of two young adults and married to my wonderful husband of 26 years.  We reside in Wilmington, MA and enjoy spending time traveling together.

I am currently teaching the Childbirth Class, Newborn Essentials and CPR/home safety classes at Stork Ready and loving every class I teach!  My background as a hypnotherapist included being the owner of A Birth Within specializing in utilizing hypnosis for fertility, birth and women's concerns.  Along the way I decided to develop a more healthy lifestyle and became an independent health coach with Optavia, helping others to achieve their healthy goals.


Jensine Casey

Sleep Consultant

Hi! I’m Jensine Casey, sleep consultant, lover of all things beach related, and mom to two handsome boys, with a girl on the way! I work with families of children 4 and under who are exhausted and struggling with getting their little ones to sleep for naps or at night. Through sleep consulting, your entire family's life will change. Not to sound dramatic but it’s true. But with so many methods of child rearing and sleep training it is difficult to know what works best for your particular family.


Becoming a sleep consultant became a dream and passion of mine after working with one myself to get my older son sleeping as I saw how life changing it was to sleep through the night and have daily naps I could rely on. I’m devoted to working with families around the world to get their lives back, just as I got mine back! Every day I work with families just like yours to provide a program and support through getting their child to be an amazing sleeper. I am proof that the support works and is trans-formative.


Safe sleep and sweet dreams!

sleep consultant baby o and i jensine casey

Sarah Gregory

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
Certified Postpartum Doula

Sarah is the mother of two wonderful girls and an enthusiastic lover-of-babies. As a Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), she enthusiastically helps families reach their feeding goals: from breastfed to formula fed to somewhere in between. Her years of experience working with families as a postpartum doula guides her lactation support: she looks at the “whole picture” of the family and the baby. By referring to her extensive training on newborn sleep, infant development, and postpartum recovery, she helps families understand how these aspects are invariably intertwined with nursing and eating patterns. The postpartum period is challenging but fleeting; she loves working with parents to make adjustments so that feeding is an enjoyable and cherished time. In Sarah’s free time she loves reading, knitting, hula hooping, and being outside with her family. Sarah lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts

sarah gregory baby cafe breastfeeding support ​Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Certified Postpartum Doula

Kristen Roberts

Mommy Cafe & Childbirth Education

Kristen is a BACE-certified childbirth educator who has been teaching perinatal classes for over 15 years. She works to provide comprehensive and evidence-based information in a fun, engaging way. She has a passion for working with families during the pre- and post-natal period. Kristen lives in Pepperell, MA with her partner and 5 children.

Karen, Inchstones PT

My name is Karen and I am passionate about teaching parents and caregivers how to help all children reach their greatest potential. I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2014 and became a Board-Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist in 2019. I am one of the <1% of PT's in the United States that have this board certification! I have experience working with children of all ages and abilities in clinical, hospital and school settings. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband & our three dogs, my family, and being outside. I love being by any body of water and going on bike rides. I have a beautiful niece and nephew and am blessed to have many little ones in my life who call me “auntie”. I love a good beach read and also staying up to date on current PT and child development literature.

Register for classes: 

inchstones pt karen tanso pediatric clinical specialist physical therapy
massage therapist infant massage itty bitty learners baby sensory classes

Katelynn Sudak

Licensed Massage Therapist

Katelynn is a licensed massage therapist, certified educator of infant massage, and EEC certified teacher. She spent 3 years working as a toddler teacher before becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2013. With a desire to expand her knowledge and merge her love for children and massage, she took an infant massage instructor training course through Infant Massage USA, where she met Karen. Katelynn has been with Karen since 2016 teaching infant massage as well as parent/child play classes. She also owns her own massage studio located in Salisbury, MA.


In her free time she likes to spend time with her daughter Audrey who she welcomed in 2018, fundraise for a local charity that supports veterans and service dogs, various crafts, being outdoors, and watching movies with her family.

Michal Feldman

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Like many new moms, I knew very little about breastfeeding before having
children of my own. I learned first hand that our pre-delivery ideals are not
always easily, or ever, met, and felt empowered by the lactation consultants
who educated and guided me through this challenging time. It was a natural
choice to pay forward the knowledge and support I had received.
As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I look
forward to working with you to reach your feeding goals, with compassion and
evidence-based care catered to your individual needs. We will continue
reevaluating our plan while we unfold what best suits you and your family, and
how that may evolve over time. I am passionate about ensuring that you feel
heard, supported, and in control of your feeding plan - whatever it looks like -
so that we save space for snuggling and loving your baby. It is an honor to be
a part of your precious postpartum period.

lactation consultant, IBCLC
yoga classes physical therapist, baby and me yoga therapeutic pain specialist

Katie Moulison PT, DPT, TPS (she/her)

Yoga Instructor

Hi there! I’m Katie (she/her) I empower pre and postnatal individuals to find freedom from pain through movement and mindfulness. I have seen (and experienced) the impact that persistent pain has and don’t want anyone to suffer longer than they need to. 


I am the mother of one tiny human (born December 2022), and two not so tiny dogs! 


I blend my background as a yoga instructor, therapeutic pain specialist, and physical therapist to help you find freedom and joy in your life - without pain.  


Everyone deserves:

  • To feel confident that if your baby needs a contact nap, you can enjoy snuggles without pain

  • To be able to lay down in bed at night and feel a sigh of relief - comfortable and painfree and able to sleep

  • To feel confident that when baby reaches their next milestone (rolling, crawling, walking, running) you can keep up with them

  • To take care of yourself even when you are taking care of a baby all day too


At Stork Ready I teach prenatal, postnatal, and baby and me yoga classes.

Nicole Bubb MSN RN

Hi I’m Nicole and I’ve worked as a high risk labor and delivery nurse at a Boston hospital for 16 years. During my time as an OB nurse I’ve cared for woman during pregnancy, labor, surgical procedures, and postpartum. I have also helped many bereaved parents thru a pregnancy loss or stillbirth. 


I have a bachelor of science degree in nursing and a master of science degree in nursing education. In addition to educating my patients, I’ve taught clinical to nursing students as well as nursing simulation classes. I’ve taught childbirth and newborn essential classes for 10+ years. I’m passionate about empowering women and families during their pregnancies, labors, deliveries and the initial postpartum period. I believe knowledge is power and I’ve spent my career helping new families thrive! 


As a mom of three I can relate and offer personal and professional experience, expertise and education. I have an 8 year old, a 6 year old and an 8 month old. The greatest joy is my family and I’m excited to help you with yours! I can’t wait to meet you and work together! 

nicole bubb labor and delivery nurse pregnancy loss support
michelle grasso music together around the towns music classes

Michelle Grasso

Music Together Around the Towns

I always tell my son to find what he loves and then he will find his place and his community. That’s what happened for me when I discovered the joy of music-making.

My love of music began while listening to opera at my Nana’s house and Sinatra in my Grandmother’s apartment. Then I started singing in the church choir when I was 5 years old and I haven’t stopped since. Over the years, I have played several instruments including the flute, piccolo, French horn, and viola. I’ve also sung in every type of choir you can imagine. I hold degrees in music from the University of New Hampshire and the University of Arizona. In 2005, I became a certified Music Together® teacher and I have been teaching the program ever since. In 2021, I became the Director of Music Together Around The Towns and I am thrilled to be able to offer quality music classes for families in the area.

Music is a positive, powerful force. It has been shown to be beneficial to our brains and development. Most importantly, I believe music lifts and nurtures our spirit, and is best when we experience it together.

When I am not working, I enjoy cooking, gardening, photography, volunteering at my son’s school, and traveling with my family. I live in Reading with my husband, our son, two dogs, two parakeets and a hive of honeybees.

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