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Contemplating VBAC

Contemplating VBAC




Vaginal birth after Cesarean  (60-80 % of women who attempt VBAC are successful)


This class is run by Karen Chipman. She has had two successful VBACs. She has helped many women acquire a successful VBAC. 


Being prepared and educated is key:

*Learn the facts 

*Find a supportive provider 

*Take a childbirth class 

*Consider you may need to change providers 

*Create your birth preferences 


There will be time at the end of class to discuss how to process previous birth trauma and ways to let go of the fear. 


    Due to the limited size of our classes Stork Ready can only refund if notification is given at least 3 days prior to class.

    Otherwise we can offer a credit towards another class. We pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction.

    We reserve the right to switch our in person classes to virtual classes due to changes in state policy regarding the pandemic and in person group meetings.

    We reserve the right to change any in person class to a virtual class due to inclement weather. 

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