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Classes & Community
for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Online and in-person classes, support groups, & more

for expecting parents and their families.

Located 15 minutes North of Boston.

New Mental Health Resources for Moms

Postpartum mental health/ postpartum depression support and resources
karen chipman stork ready owner and childbirth educator

Karen Chipman, Owner


Stork Ready

Small Classes in a Home-Like Atmosphere

Stork Ready is located 15 miles north of Boston, just minutes from Route 93, conveniently located near routes 95 and 495.


Our clients come from all of the city major hospitals as well as the community hospitals and birthing centers.  We offer classes from pregnancy and beyond. Many of our clients make new connections and  lasting friendships from joining one or more of our many support groups and baby classes. 

See what other families have to say about Stork Ready. Read from our many reviews on Facebook and google. Our small homelike atmosphere is so welcoming. The class sizes are small and intimate to assure you feel comfortable and heard.  


 "What a fantastic experience here! Karen is so knowledgeable, accommodating, and beyond helpful. I would recommend Stork Ready to anyone ready to take on parenthood!"



Childbirth, Newborn Essentials, Breastfeeding, Infant CPR, Infant Massage, & Grandparents Classes 

Support Groups

Sleep Support Group, Breastfeeding Support Group, & Mommy Cafe


Enjoy Classes & Support Groups

Online or

in our Home-Like Atmosphere


Featured Classes

Motherhood 101

A class specifically designed for mom

Understand the feelings that you may be experiencing. How to ask for help. How to put yourself 1st and not feel guilty.


Join Jensine, owner of Baby O and I, sleep specialist, postpartum doula in this 4 week class specifically designed for you. We cover healing from childbirth, how to get organized to make life easier, having tough conversations with family or your partner and more. We cover all the things no one tells you about.

Contemplating VBAC

Vaginal birth After Cesarean


60-80% of women who attempt VBAC are successful.

This class is run by Karen Chipman, who has had two successful VBACs. She has helped many women acquire a successful VBAC. 

Being prepared and educated is key! 

Cesarian Prep

Cesarean Prep Class is designed with the woman and her partner in mind. We will discuss all that you can expect leading up to, during, and after recovery. The importance of having a list of your preferences and what that may look like. This will be a 90 min virtual class, leaving time for questions and answers. 

"Birth is miraculous no matter how it happens."

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