Stork Ready Affiliate Classes


Pelvic Floor & More

Class 1: What Is The Pelvic Floor Anyway?

November 10th, 10-10:45AM with Dr. Sarah Casali
This class is for those wanting to:

  • Learn about the basic anatomy of the pelvis, pelvic floor and “core”

  • Learn about the functions of the pelvic floor

  • Learn how you can use your breath to help engage your pelvic floor muscles correctly




Class 2: From Crib to Changing Table to Stroller: How to Use Your Core & PF during Functional Movements

Thursday November 17th, 10-10:45AM with Christina Seng, MPT
This class is for those wanting to:

  • Learn How to Engage Your Pelvic Floor & Core with Functional movements such as holding, lifting and carrying your baby

  • Learn good ergonomics for breast-feeding, lifting, and transitional movements (think getting in & out of bed)




Class 3: Potty Training For Mommy & Me: Learn about different urinary and bowel habits for you and your baby

Thursday December 1st, 10-10:45AM with Dr. Sarah Casali, PT
This class is for those wanting to:

  • Learn about “good” bladder habits & bowel habits

  • How to Move to decrease constipation and improve bowel movements





Class 4: Pilates Mat Class

Thursday December 8th, 10-10:45AM with Dr. Jessica Forgione, PT
This movement based class is appropriate for all levels prenatal & postpartum and will integrate the movement patterns of daily life as a mom to rebuild strength and resiliency to care for your growing baby.

About The Pilates Rx

The Pilates Rx is a concierge studio offering private Pilates instruction, physical therapy and pelvic health services for the modern athlete.

All of our services are customized and designed specifically for you, with your lifestyle in mind, and provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over a decade of training in rehabilitation and pilates.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, a new mom, or simply looking for an extra edge to enhance your performance, let an expert help you do what you love to do, better.


The Pilates Rx offers specialized prenatal & postpartum care through their "For the Moms" program.  We believe every pregnant or postpartum woman can benefit from a proactive approach, including thorough musculoskeletal and pelvic floor screenings through regular check-ins for an individualized program to manage all the changes that come along with pregnancy, childbirth and the early postpartum period.  Meet our pelvic health specialists & physical therapists here