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Driving Simulator 2011 Save Game Free Download [TOP]

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Driving Simulator 2011 Save Game Free Download [TOP]

with the ps4, you can save game data to online storage. the main online storage server is the playstation network, but you also have the option of storing game data online to backup up your save game data across multiple ps4 systems. there's less of a need to depend on the older, slower usb hardware backups. if you don't have an internet connection, however, your saves will be unavailable. the ps4 doesn't currently allow for offline mode like the psp. even when in offline mode, your saves will still be stored online. conversely, offline mode saves are available to players if they have more than 200 mb of free space on their ps4 hard drive.

the ps3 also has an online storage server, the playstation network, but save game data is stored locally. this system means there's no need to worry about having an internet connection, but because it's on your ps3, save game data is not backed up across consoles. consequently, save game data is unrecoverable if the ps3 is lost or stolen. the ps3's local storage can hold up to around 13gb.

to illustrate how game saves work, let's consider the game spider-man: shattered dimensions. you first save a game on your ps3 using the system's local storage, or when your ps3 has an internet connection, you save games to the online playstation network server. when a game is played on one ps3, the game saves are then copied across the network to the next ps3 automatically. if you played the game on a different ps3, the next time you start up the game on that ps3, you can continue where you left off. if the game is played on the playstation 4 or playstation vita, save game data is stored on the device using the cloud storage. this means saving data is much less feasible. you can't continue playing on the next ps4 or ps vita. 3d9ccd7d82

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