C-town has joined with Stork Ready to offer our growing families a variety of classes for parent/caregiver and baby, ages 0 mos-3 years.  Sign up before Oct 4th to receive a $25.00 discount. 


Sign and Play Class (0-24 mos)

Free Demo 10/24 11:30-12:15

11:30-12:15 Oct 31 - Dec 15

Before your little one can speak, they can understand many words, and want to communicate with you. Our sign and play class, will teach you and your little one basic signs related to your little ones care and day-to-day activities. Sign language encourages and enables your child to communicate their needs, and share how they feel and what they want. Each class your child will explore through activities, sign language, music and more!

Cost: $95 1st child | $45 sibling for a 4 week session.

Mom & Baby Talk (0-3 mos) 

Free Demo 10/24 2:30-3:30

2:30-3:30 Oct 17-Nov 7

Mom & Baby Talk classes are designed specifically with new moms in mind. Here, mom will bond with her baby while forming new relationships with other mothers. It's an opportunity to share experiences, get used to going out and about with your baby, and learn tried-and-true tricks of the trade.
"Talk" topics may include: how to help settle fussy babies, cope with the challenges of feeding, sleep deprivation, and major life alterations; to go back to work or not to go back to work; childcare, traveling finding time for yourself as well as your partner and friends; and whatever other topics the group may choose. Your little one will enjoy coming along with his/her mom to discuss topics close to her heart!

Cost: $135 for 5 weeks

Second Time Moms (0-6)

Free demo 10/24 1:00-2:00

1:00-2:00 PM Oct 31 - Dec 5

You’re already an experienced parent; now learn how to juggle another baby, along with the demands of a growing family. In our second time mom’s group we address the common struggles of parenthood, and how best to manage your time and sanity with both an infant and toddler. In this second-timers’ (or more!) support group, you can ask questions, share tips and ideas, and socialize, while spending quality one-on-one time with your newest bundle of joy. Identify with other parents who are also adjusting to the joys and challenges of a growing family, as you and your baby make new friends, and feel supported.

Class led By Nancy Gair: Nancy brings 26 years of experience to the Early Parenting Groups. Nancy first trained in Childbirth Education at the National Child’s First Trust in England. She has been helping new moms and parents since 2004 as a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator. Nancy encourages families to be confident in finding their own way of parenting, while strengthening the community among new parents in Boston.

Cost:  $110 

Theater Tots! (1.5-4 yrs)

Free Demo 10/24 4:15-5:00

4:15-5:00 PM Oct 31- Dec 5

Where your child’s imagination comes to life! Little ones are natural players: join theater tots with your youngster in a class designed to let those imaginations flourish and have fun. Your little one will use props, costume pieces, instruments, and lots of good old fashioned pretending as we explore familiar songs and storybooks.

Cost: $95 1st child | $45 Sibling for a 4 week session


Mindful  Movers (1-3 yrs)

Free Demo Oct 25 10:15-10:55

10:15-10:55 Nov 1 - Nov 22

Come move your body with your little one and learn more about how our bodies and minds are connected! Each class will stimulate all your babies senses! Each class we will have new textures & games incorporating mindful movement that will encourage their social, physical, and emotional development.

Class begins with mindful senses exploration! Mindful movement includes yoga, breath work, and dancing! Class concludes with circle time which includes songs, parachute, & bubbles.

Cost: $95 1st child | $45 sibling for a 4 week session

Mindful Creators (1.5-3 yrs)

Free Demo Oct 25 11:30-12:10

11:30-12:10 Nov 1 - Nov 22

Come get messy and explore art through your little one’s senses. Learn about art and mindfulness through play and sensory exploration. We will use our imaginations with weekly themes while creating mindfulness-based crafts, art, and sensory activities that aim to spark joy and tap into awareness. Each theme will have new textures & props that will encourage their social, physical, and emotional development.
Class begins with mindful senses exploration. Class concludes with circle time which includes songs, parachute, book, & bubbles. Smocks are provided and we ask that your little one wear something you don’t mind them getting messy in!

Cost: $110 1st child | $45 sibling for a 4 week session

Mindful New Mom's (0-9 mos)

Free Demo Oct 25 1:30-2:15

1:30-2:15 Nov 1 - Nov 22

Come learn tools to center your mind, relax in the moment, and cultivate mindful awareness with your little one. Share parenting experiences, gather valuable resources, and engage in enlightening discussions and exercises in order to make this time of major transition smoother, saner, easier and more enjoyable!

Cost: $95 for a 4 week session